Why Volunteer

Find Out Why Volunteering Can Make You Happy.

The question of whether volunteering can make anyone happy continues to spur lively debate. On the surface, the act of volunteering might seem like a casual gesture of philanthropy, but it speaks volumes about ethics, love, and joy. As the world continues to decline into selfish materialism, millions of disadvantaged people are imperiled by afflictions and general adversity. Volunteers who intervene in such situations experience profound happiness in the following ways:

1. Cultivating Brotherly Love

In general, volunteers are usually driven by an intense feeling of love and empatdffsffsfsffshy. In fact, a close review of the habits of regular volunteers reveals that the practice grows as a habit of the mind. Individuals who commit themselves to volunteering derive their satisfaction from the natural feeling of human compassion, which expresses itself during supreme moments of need. Naturally, people are driven by the spirit of benevolence and compassion, which guides them to assist others without expecting payment.

2. The Joy of Finding Solutions

A devout volunteer draws pleasure from finding solutions in situations that seem somewhat out of order. Teams of volunteers devote themselves to the practice of solving social problems. They dispatch themselves to war-torn places to help mend families and communities that are wrecked by conflict. Without the active service of volunteers, many households and societies would fall apart because of the devastating effect of such conflicts and other problems. Intervening in such situations creates a feeling of joy.

3. Volunteerism Fosters Social Harmony

sffsffsffsfsfHuman beings are social by nature. Studies into the ways of life by early man shows that primitive societies depended entirely on the advantages of volunteerism for individual and group survival. A caveman would volunteer to feed other cavemen to reinforce the human bond that was necessary for survival. In modern societies, the survival of a section of humanity guarantees the survival of all. Similarly, a threat to one section imperils all. This awareness creates a level of happiness that is crucial for social harmony.

4. Deriving Happiness from Giving

The scriptures remind us that giving fosters more happiness than receiving. At both the conscious and the subconscious levels, people derive immense pleasure and satisfaction from helping others in their areas of need. The feeling is inherent and manifests itself at any age of personal development. A child will always show happiness in sharing candies with other children. In the same way, volunteerism evokes powerful feelings of brotherhood and sisterhood, which sustain the natural fountains of happiness.