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Tuscany Travel Guide

Tuscany is claimed to have the most influence on Italian culture, and in Europe as a whole. It has villages that are wine-soaked, lots of incredible art, truffle fields and olive groves swatches, and powerhouses of modern fashion such as Gucci and Ferragamo. The main role of Tuscany however, remains to be as the Renaissance birthplace. Its presence has over the ages, been perpetuated by the masterpieces of Botticelli on gold-gilled walls of Uffizi.

Things that you should not miss in Tuscany


Known very well for the quality wine it produces, you cannot fail to visit the vineyards located at Tenuta dell’ Ornellaia estate, which is located in the Macelleria coastal region. The best time to plan for this would be on a nice afternoon when you will get a nice view of the vineyard under the bright sun. You can spend the evening tasting the famous prized Merlot Masseto.

The leaning tower

You cannot fail to catch a glance of the iconic and mesmerizing leaning tower that is in Pisa, on the square of miracles. The architectural features of the tower will blow your mind just as it has with the many other tourists who flock to see it every year.


There are many museums, all of which offer various collections of arts and historical artifacts. The Uffizi gallery, for example, has a collection of Renaissance art said to be the best in the world. Other popular museums are Museo Galileo and Leonardo Da Vinci Museum.


mountainThere are lots of parks to enjoy if that is what makes your vacations special. Some of the best ones include Tusco-Emilian Apennines, Tuscan Archipelago, The Maremma regional park, the Orecchiella Park, the Park of the Apuan Alps, and the Montioni nature park just to mention but a few. You will see all kinds of nature’s beauty in these parks, and make some incredible memories as well.

When to visit Tuscany

The tourist season of Tuscany is usually at its peak during the months of summer. The crowds and high temperatures during such times might not be so comfortable for many. For a better atmosphere, you should plan your visit to Tuscany on a shoulder season, anywhere between October and November or April and May.